Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dreaming of knitting

As with all my projects, once i finish I dream of the next. I have become the finishier of projects reformed from the once hoarder of unfinished things I have turned over a new leaf and am now committed to finishing the things I start.
my knitting passion has not ceased nor has it dwindled. It seems that 2011 is certainly the year of knitting.
Having this very afternoon finished Anooke's fox scarf I'm ready for the next challenge.
My dreams have however progressed from my next knitting pattern to the real logisitics of opening my very own knitting shop. more than ever this is my dream!
I spend my spare time dreaming of furnishings and layouts and have today even started thinking about a business plan and some research.

Someday I will have a knitting store of my very own... I promise!