Sunday, December 19, 2010

take my heart but please don't break it...

if you could see my heart you'd see it wasn't perfect
you'd see the spot where it first broke in two, the halves that somehow managed to fit back together, although not in quite the same way
you'd see the cracks formed by those who followed, the lines that tell tales of lies and disappointment
you'd see what looks like tiny tiny dents from the time it was crushed and i thought it would never be whole again, yet somehow it was.
you'd see the heart that has been well used, well loved, and loved well, you'd see the heart that against all odds has come together to love again
If you could meet my heart, it would tell you a million tales, tales of love, tales of woe tales of me and the men i thought were romeo
My heart is mine, mine to carry always, mine to look after and maybe if you're lucky i'll let you hold it for a while

image: weheartit

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