Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men and Handbags

How do you ever find the ideal man?
How do you ever find the perfect handbag?
Two questions that have plagued the minds of women for generations...
I wonder if the answer to these questions is in fact the same- you can't!! When I think about the men and bags I have had in my life I can see that while they suited me at the time there was always something that didn't quite fit. Let me elaborate
Let's begin with my backpack. Not at all feminine, but practical. Carried all the extra items needed, the basic life supplies and was in the most part a comfortable item suitable for any terrain/weather. It was hardwearing and it lasted a long time, in fact in desperate times it still gets used every now and then. This bag has far too many pockets, to many places to hide things or lose things, too much space to fill.

The small black bag, stylish, sleek and goes with any outfit, unoffensive and fits nicely by your side. It carries just enough to be useful but always seems a tad too small. Its a strong bag with a designer label so to the outside world it's appearance is appealing and even at times enviable. To other women this bag appears to be just the right fit; enough room for the necessities while also making you rid yourself of all that extra garbage that you probably don't need, assisting you in recognising the important things to carry with you and what you can leave behind. Unlike the backpack it won't take everything and there is no way you can stuff in anything extra, the black bag has a small amount of give in it so that i extreme cases you can stuff perhaps one extra purse, or that extra cosmetic case or pocket mirror, but while it will allow some give it will also start to look pushed and uncomfortable, unnatural and like it will burst. This bag is appropriate and will always be safe and comforting although sometimes a little frustrating and restricting.

The eel skin clutch, flamboyant, extravagant, luxurious and delicate. The clutch appears soft and comforting, flexible and decadent, however in reality it fits little inside and their is no room for flexibility it goes with just the right outfit and can easily appear out of place. It fits nicely by your side but it can become impossible to hold and while its appearance is magnificent the clutch is not always as comforting and decadent as it appears. The colour is gorgeous (crimson red) making it centre of attention, the star of an outfit and destracting onlookers from the face that holds the clutch. A beautiful bag that will always be fun but never practical, but every girl needs a bit of fun right?

So with these three bags now you all know why I'm single...
Picture: "As Long As I Have You" print by theblackapple,

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