Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life for Rent

this song started playing on the radio on my way home from work and I was reminded how temporary life on earth is.

"If my life is for rent... I deserve nothing more than I get, cause nothing I have is truely mine" I don't know what Dido's thoughts were with these lyrics but I know that these words got me thinking about heaven, and my purpose here on earth.

I was put here on earth for God's purpose. To love him, serve him and praise him above all things until that day when I can be with him in heaven. What we have now won't last forever it's here today gone tomorrow, the only stable thing is God and the hope and promise of heaven. Only a few days ago I was reminded to live life with a heavenly perspective, looking forward to heaven and living a life that is pleasing to God.

This is my goal- to please him, but I know I fall short everyday. I make mistakes, big and small, but somehow and for some reason I am still loved. This truth amazes me- there is nothing I could do that would make him love me less.

This life is but a moment in the eternal love of God. How often is it that we get caught up in the world and what it offers?

Dido's song reminded me that what we get- what we are provided with is all a gift and we should be thankful for anything that we get because it is all a gift it is all a matter of sustaining life until we are called home, isn't it?
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